Welcome to Gypsy Revival Skincare! We believe that you don't have to sacrifice results for the peace of mind of using simple and natural ingredients. Great skincare doesn't have to be complicated. By getting back to basics we are dedicated to sharing conscientious and truly nourishing beauty.

Gypsy Revival Skincare creator, Ellen Hancock.

I started Gypsy Revival Skincare because of my own frustrations with finding natural alternatives for my beauty routine. As a model and outspoken health and wellness enthusiast I often found myself being asked by friends for natural skincare recommendations. I was sad to say this was an area in my life where I had failed to find products I truly stood behind! I tried many natural products and again and again found myself disappointed in their effectiveness. So... the quest to fix this problem began, and after years of research and product testing Gypsy Revival Skincare slowly came into existence. I'm excited to share my discoveries with you!






Wholesale is available for brick-and-mortar shops. Please inquire for further details.